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Gutter Cleaning, Downpipe and Gutterguard Systems

Your guttering and downpipes play a crucial role in the prevention of leaks, damage and fire risk. As the roof collects leaves and various other matter the wind and rain drive this debris into your guttering where it collects and builds up if not removed.

It is important to give your guttering (and downpipes) a regular clean out multiple times a year, particularly with the change of seasons.

Tomkat Roofing provide installation, repairs and maintenance for all guttering and downpipe systems. We can fix rusty gutters, blocked or damaged downpipes and clogged leaf screens. We offer cost effective solutions that will extend the life of your roof and gutters and enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Gutterguard Systems

The single biggest fire risk to homes is airborne embers which can travel kilometres before landing on the roof of your home. If dry matter has accumulated on the roof and guttering, it can catch alight very quickly.

Gutterguard systems (suited to both tile and metal roofs) offer a permanent solution to gutter maintenance by covering over the gutters with fine mesh, allowing only water to travel through to the gutter system and leaves to blow over the top.

Special Offer

Tomkat Roofing is currently offering all greater Sydney clients a free quote for gutter cleaning and/or Gutterguard installation, and for those who proceed with a gutter cleaning service, 50% off the supply and installation of a Gutterguard system to be installed at the same time. For a limited time in October only. 

We will also provide you with a free roof report! Call or contact us today to book in this important deal.

Gutters and Downpipes

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