Whirlybird Installation //

Roof ventilators, commonly called whirlybirds, are placed on the roof of your home in strategic positions. As the wind blows through the whirlybird it spins, and this motion creates a vacuum effect which draws hot air up from inside your home. The hot air is then vented out through the whirlybird.

The benefits of having whirlybirds are that the interior of your home stays cooler for longer, and electricity costs are lower due to less energy consumption on your reduced air-conditioning usage.

We provide Whirlybird installation services across Sydney, keeping homes cooler and saving our clients hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

Whirlybird Installation Costs

We supply and install quality Whirlybirds manufactured by Stramit, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of steel building products. Depending on the size of your roof cavity you may require 1, 2 or more Whirlybirds – please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Whirlybird Installation

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