Quality Assurance //

As an organisation with extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a strong commitment to working with strict quality controls. Developing strong team commitments has always been a priority with our management, so all our employees take an interest in their work, and report at least daily to their direct supervisor or foreman. Our Managers are in constant contact with the on-site personnel and they report directly to the General Manager.

Work Method Statements are required from all contractors, detailing the methods to be employed during their contract. Work Method Statements are monitored by our Site Foremen, ensuring the work performed meets our quality standard. Re-work is kept to a minimum through the controls exercised by our team.

All products used in the construction of our projects are of a high quality, and not accepted unless an inspection proves their standard. Unacceptable workmanship or product will be rejected. In many instances, we deal with quality accredited companies. On-going standards of excellence and a ‘hands on’ approach across the board ensure long term customer satisfaction and mutually rewarding associations with our clients.